Would You Rather Fictional Grab-Bag Edition

Hello Peoples! Oh my word! I found this incredibly cute and fun meme at~   http://rosepetalsandfaeriedust.com/

She has a very sweet blog. Go check it out!  🙂

~Would you rather, be a tenant of Mr. Darcy or Mr. Knightly?

Mr. Knightly. I think he’s funny

~Would you rather spend a day in the 100 Acre Wood or Neverland?

The 100 Acre Wood!  🙂  What fun with Christopher Robin, Pooh and the gang.

~Would you rather attend a tea party with the Mad Hatter and company or meet the Wizard of Oz?

The Mad Hatter. What a hoot!  🙂

~Would you rather spend a summer at Netherfield with Jane and Mr. Bingley or at Hamley Hall with Squire Hamley?

Without a doubt, Jane and Mr. Bingley! What a sweet couple.

~Would you rather be “rescued” by Gilbert Blythe or Colonel Brandon?

Colonel Brandon.

~Would you rather marry Laurie or John Brooke?

Neither, but I like Laurie better, so I’ll choose Laurie.

~Would you rather have to participate in a skirmish as a member of Robin Hood’s merry men, or as a member of the Musketeers?

Robin Hood’s merry men! I like archery and I think they would be great fun.

~Would you rather have a jolly holiday in a chalk painting or enjoy a tea party on the ceiling with Uncle Albert?

I’m for a jolly holiday all the way!  🙂

~Would you rather have to chaperone, through their entire courting experience Lydia Bennett or Anne De Bourgh?

Neither, but I’ll go with Anne De Bourgh. When I read the book, I don’t remember having a problem with her character, but Lydia would try my patience.

~Would rather marry Mr. Wickham or Mr. Elton?

I shake my head! I choose Mr. Knightley! haha!

~Would you rather spend the rest of your life in Middle Earth (starting from the time of the ring), or Narnia (starting from the time of the Pevensie’s first visit)?

NARNIA! For Narnia and for Aslan!  🙂

"Die Chroniken von Narnia": Die Film-Reihenfolge im Überblick #watchlist #filme






10 thoughts on “Would You Rather Fictional Grab-Bag Edition

  1. Wasn’t this fun? Cordy at Write on Cordy created it. She makes more unique tags.

    I was reading your bio, I like mystery and suspense as well, I was on a huge Mary Stewart kick last year, I’ve exhausted all the ones I could get in the U.S. There is one more I want to see if I can order from the UK.

    Have you read MM Kaye mysteries? I really enjoyed those as well. They are set in such exotic places as well.

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