Classic Movie Friday!



The Sound of Music (1965)

Julie Andrews   Christopher Plummer   Eleanor Parker   Richard Haydn   Peggy Wood

I love this movie. Poor Maria (Julie Andrews). Apparently, she’s having a difficult time living the life of a nun. I personally think she’s wonderful!  🙂  Georg Von Trapp (Christopher Plummer) contacts the Mother Abbess (Peggy Wood), I loved the Mother Abbess, requesting a governess for his seven, that’s right, seven children. Maria is assigned the task.

Georg is a widowed man and he runs his home in a very strict manner, to say the least. The children have run off several governesses and when Maria arrives, they seem to want to run her off too. Maria is easy to love and manages to win the children. Then! Maria and Georg find themselves falling in love, however, Georg has a Baroness (Eleanor Parker) he’s shown an interest in. I didn’t think the Baroness was a bad character, however, she wasn’t the wife for Georg. So, Georg and the Baroness end their relationship and Georg is free to express his love for Maria. However, Georg and Maria are soon faced with a challenge that could put the entire family at risk.


This is a lovely film in so many ways. I laughed, I cried, I held my breath, I cheered! The music and scenery are breathtaking! Highly recommend!




Ramblings And What Not ~

Hello Peoples! July has been a hot one! We had a few cool days, but not many. Rick and I went to the lake as often as we could ~ it was cooler at the lake by about 10 degrees! YAY! This summer we had raspberries on our raspberry bush and we had sunflowers!  🙂  And! I’ve become clumsy! That’s right ~ clumsy! If I’m not dropping something, I’m tripping over something or spilling something. Mmm??? I think it’s contagious??? haha! A friend has become clumsy now too. My my my.

This month I read two VERY good romantic comedies! Oh my word. They are entertaining.  🙂

52299928. sy475

Molly by Sarah Monzon

This romantic comedy is hilarious! I laughed throughout the book. I didth read excerpts out loud to Rick. Yes, a preschool teacher and a doctor!  🙂  Highly recommend Molly.


Montana Welcome by Melinda Curtis

Upon my word! This book is so funny. I will be posting my review on August 8th, however, I highly recommend this book. A runaway bride and a good looking cowboy! What more could ya ask for??? So! Get your giggle on and ENJOY!

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Classic Movie Friday!

Lauren Bacall, John Wayne, and Ron Howard in The Shootist (1976)

The Shootist (1976)

John Wayne   Lauren Bacall   Ron Howard   James Stewart

As I watched this film, I felt sorry for John Books (John Wayne). He’s an aging gunfighter and I think, his reputation is bigger than the man. He visits, a friend and a physician, Dr. Hostetler (James Stewart) for a second opinion as to his condition. The doctor informs John Books he has a cancer. He only has a few weeks to live and it’s going to be painful ~ very painful. So, he rents a room at a boarding house owned by a widow, Bond Rogers (Lauren Bacall). He wants to live his remaining days in peace and he doesn’t want anyone in town to know who he is. Of course, the citizens of the community discover John’s identity and there is trouble. And! Several people are trying to make money off his impending death.

The people in this community were so insensitive to John Book. Bond Rogers and her son, Gillom Rogers (Ron Howard) spent time with John and got to know the man behind the gun and the reputation. They discovered something more than a gunslinger.

In the beginning, I didn’t like Ron Howard’s character in this film, however, he did grow on me and in the end he was a good kid.

I thought this was a sad and tragic film. I do recommend it for adults. There is some profanity in the film and the gun fights are graphic.



Ramblings And What Not ~

Hello Peoples! It’s a beautiful morning. I was awake early and out for my walk. I walked to the coffee shop and didth read for an hour. There was a young woman sitting near me, she was probably in her early twenties. She didn’t have a lap top or IPAD. She did have her smartphone. What was so impressive about her, you ask??? She was writing letters! In my humble opinion, it is unusual seeing someone write letters! I’m all amazement!

There must be millions of people all over the world who never get any love letters . . . I could be their leader.~Charlie Brown


You might ask, Kathy, what are you reading?


Destitutio Quod Remissio by Brett Armstrong

Much love ~



Classic Movie Friday!

In one film, "Charlie Chan in the Secret Service", Tommy was joined by Iris, a Chan daughter, played by Marianne Quon. In "Charlie Chan in Black Magic", daughter Frances Chan was played by actress Frances Chan.

Charlie Chan in the Secret Service (1944)

Sidney Toler   Marianne Quon   Benson Fong   Mantan Mooreland

Lelah Tyler   Gwen Kenyon   Sarah Edwards   Gene Roth

A scientist is murdered! That’s right, a scientist with Secret Service protection is discovered dead! The scientist is working on the third floor of a mansion and is having a party on the first floor. He doesn’t want the Secret Service at his party and demands they remain upstairs. Not a good idea.

Once he is discovered dead, Charlie Chan (Sidney Toler) is asked to investigate the murder. Tommy (Benson Fong), number three son and Iris (Marianne Quon), number two daughter, join in on the investigation along with Birmingham (Mantan Mooreland). He’s the chauffeur of one of the guests. Interesting. Birmingham is Charlie Chan’s chauffeur in later films. And! This is the first time I have seen one of Charlie Chan’s daughters involved in an investigation. Tommy is definitely NOT a sleuth. His talents must be in another area.  🙂  Iris has potential but Charlie treats his daughter differently. Charlie has a more tender touch with Iris than he has with the boys. Mmmm.

This isn’t my favorite Chan film, Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum is my favorite, but I like this one.   🙂




The Lake

Hello Peoples! Rick and I went to the lake. We packed a few items in the car, drove about one hour and forty-five minutes and we were at the lake. It was our first time visiting this lake and we had a restful time. We found a secluded spot, on the beach, under a scraggly tree and there we sat. We brought a small lunch and relaxed. It was 74 degrees! Perfect! It was so quiet. The only sound was the hum of motor boats. Occasionally a pelican flew near us. We were entertained by BIG MABLE! haha! Big Mable is an inflatable, yellow, black and red recliner. Two adults or three kids could sit in Big Mable. She was pulled by a FAST boat. Her name BIG MABLE was on the side of the inflatable in BIG letters. We got such a laugh out of Big Mable. Twice the kids in Big Mable wiped out! Arms and legs were in the air and landed in the water with a SPLASH! To enlarge, click on the photos.

My Awesome Photography ~


My Awesome Photography ~

Under The Scraggly Tree  🙂

Much love ~


Hello Peoples!

I trust you are well on this cool morning. Yesterday I met a friend at the bakery. We had a nice visit. When I returned home Rick and I transplanted some plants in our flower garden. Rick did most of the work, however, I am a very good supervisor!  🙂  *ahem*

Snoopy digging with Lucy supervising.

This morning Rick and I went out for breakfast. I had pancakes and hot tea.  🙂  Rick had corned beef hash, toast, eggs and coffee.

What did I read???


Laughed ’till He Died by Carolyn Hart

A Death On Demand Mystery

In this mystery, a teenager falls to his death and a man with nefarious intent is murdered at a youth recreation center. When the director of the center is the prime suspect Max and Annie Darling are determined to find the killer thus proving her innocence.

I really enjoy these Max and Annie mysteries. They’re addictive. I’ve only read two and I’m not reading them in order, but they seem to stand alone. Our local library doesn’t have all the books in this series and they can be a little difficult to find, so I’ll need to order some of them. They are good. I recommend them.



Murder, She Wrote

A Little Yuletide Murder by Jessica Fletcher & Donald Bain

It’s Christmas in Cabot Cove! Someone killed Santa Claus!!! How rude! Jessica Fletcher is hot on the trail of that nefarious person. Good mystery! My goal is to read all the books in this series. I’m doing ok. I’ll get it done!  🙂

Much love ~


A Choir!

I walked downtown to the coffee shop, to read a book and enjoy an icy tea and warm buttered toast. It was early. When I ordered, one of the employees asked me if I was going to read. I responded, “Yes.” She asked me what I was reading. I lifted my book so she could see it and quite unexpectedly there was a choir of voices ringing out, “Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.” Then we all laughed. I guess there was more than one person listening to the bookish conversation.  🙂

This is what I’m reading.  🙂


Murder, She Wrote 

A Little Yuletide Murder by Jessica Fletcher & Donald Bain

Much love ~



Classic Movie Friday!

Charlie Chan at Treasure Island (1939)

Sidney Toler   Victor Sen Yung   Cesar Romero   Pauline Moore   Douglas Fowley

June Gale   Douglas Dumbrille   Sally Blaine   Billie Seward   Louis Jean Heydt

Poor Jimmy Chan (Victor Sen Yung). At the beginning of the movie, Charlie Chan (Sidney Toler) and Jimmy are flying to San Francisco. Jimmy is air sick and miserable. Paul Essex (Louis Jean Heydt), a friend of Charlie’s, has recently finished writing a book and is on the same flight. Paul receives a telegram, which leaves him troubled. Shortly after receiving said telegram Jimmy discovers Paul is dead. With plenty of help Charlie probably doesn’t need, he’s on the case investigating, wanting to expose a charlatan known as Zodiak and a killer. There’s blackmail, creepy dark rooms, hidden doors and passages, a missing manuscript and an amusing number two son.


Top Ten Tuesday! Authors I’ve Read The Most Books By

Hello Peoples! It’s time for another Top Ten Tuesday. YAY! Just skedaddle on over to The Artsy Reader Girl for the Top Ten Tuesday list!  🙂

This week ~ Authors I’ve Read The Most Books By!  🙂  Okay! Let’s get to it!

1.) Agatha Christie

David Suchet as Detective Hercule Poirot in "Agatha Christie's Poirot"

2.) Sibella Giorello 

Could be my favorite cover yet.

 3.) Charles Todd

A Duty to the Dead by Charles Todd - Didn't like reader

4.) Jan Karon

Jan Karon's Mitford Series

5.) Mary Stewart

Part of a month-long celebration of Harry Bennett’s artistic skills . Five novels by Mary Stewart : My Brother Michael (Crest, 1964); T...

6.) Lynette Eason

42181746. sy475

7.) Georgette Heyer

6414515. sy475

8.) Irene Hannon

Starfish Pier: A Hope Harbor Novel

9.) Lisa Harris


10.) George MacDonald


Have you read any books written by any of these authors?  🙂

Much love ~