Classic Movie Friday!

Charlie Chan at Treasure Island (1939)

Sidney Toler   Victor Sen Yung   Cesar Romero   Pauline Moore   Douglas Fowley

June Gale   Douglas Dumbrille   Sally Blaine   Billie Seward   Louis Jean Heydt

Poor Jimmy Chan (Victor Sen Yung). At the beginning of the movie, Charlie Chan (Sidney Toler) and Jimmy are flying to San Francisco. Jimmy is air sick and miserable. Paul Essex (Louis Jean Heydt), a friend of Charlie’s, has recently finished writing a book and is on the same flight. Paul receives a telegram, which leaves him troubled. Shortly after receiving said telegram Jimmy discovers Paul is dead. With plenty of help Charlie probably doesn’t need, he’s on the case investigating, wanting to expose a charlatan known as Zodiak and a killer. There’s blackmail, creepy dark rooms, hidden doors and passages, a missing manuscript and an amusing number two son.


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