Hello Peoples!

I trust you are well on this cool morning. Yesterday I met a friend at the bakery. We had a nice visit. When I returned home Rick and I transplanted some plants in our flower garden. Rick did most of the work, however, I am a very good supervisor!  🙂  *ahem*

Snoopy digging with Lucy supervising.

This morning Rick and I went out for breakfast. I had pancakes and hot tea.  🙂  Rick had corned beef hash, toast, eggs and coffee.

What did I read???


Laughed ’till He Died by Carolyn Hart

A Death On Demand Mystery

In this mystery, a teenager falls to his death and a man with nefarious intent is murdered at a youth recreation center. When the director of the center is the prime suspect Max and Annie Darling are determined to find the killer thus proving her innocence.

I really enjoy these Max and Annie mysteries. They’re addictive. I’ve only read two and I’m not reading them in order, but they seem to stand alone. Our local library doesn’t have all the books in this series and they can be a little difficult to find, so I’ll need to order some of them. They are good. I recommend them.



Murder, She Wrote

A Little Yuletide Murder by Jessica Fletcher & Donald Bain

It’s Christmas in Cabot Cove! Someone killed Santa Claus!!! How rude! Jessica Fletcher is hot on the trail of that nefarious person. Good mystery! My goal is to read all the books in this series. I’m doing ok. I’ll get it done!  🙂

Much love ~


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