The Lake

Hello Peoples! Rick and I went to the lake. We packed a few items in the car, drove about one hour and forty-five minutes and we were at the lake. It was our first time visiting this lake and we had a restful time. We found a secluded spot, on the beach, under a scraggly tree and there we sat. We brought a small lunch and relaxed. It was 74 degrees! Perfect! It was so quiet. The only sound was the hum of motor boats. Occasionally a pelican flew near us. We were entertained by BIG MABLE! haha! Big Mable is an inflatable, yellow, black and red recliner. Two adults or three kids could sit in Big Mable. She was pulled by a FAST boat. Her name BIG MABLE was on the side of the inflatable in BIG letters. We got such a laugh out of Big Mable. Twice the kids in Big Mable wiped out! Arms and legs were in the air and landed in the water with a SPLASH! To enlarge, click on the photos.

My Awesome Photography ~


My Awesome Photography ~

Under The Scraggly Tree  🙂

Much love ~


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