Ramblings And What Not ~

Hello Peoples! July has been a hot one! We had a few cool days, but not many. Rick and I went to the lake as often as we could ~ it was cooler at the lake by about 10 degrees! YAY! This summer we had raspberries on our raspberry bush and we had sunflowers!  🙂  And! I’ve become clumsy! That’s right ~ clumsy! If I’m not dropping something, I’m tripping over something or spilling something. Mmm??? I think it’s contagious??? haha! A friend has become clumsy now too. My my my.

This month I read two VERY good romantic comedies! Oh my word. They are entertaining.  🙂

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Molly by Sarah Monzon

This romantic comedy is hilarious! I laughed throughout the book. I didth read excerpts out loud to Rick. Yes, a preschool teacher and a doctor!  🙂  Highly recommend Molly.


Montana Welcome by Melinda Curtis

Upon my word! This book is so funny. I will be posting my review on August 8th, however, I highly recommend this book. A runaway bride and a good looking cowboy! What more could ya ask for??? So! Get your giggle on and ENJOY!

Your Favorites at the Cottage in July ~

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The Lake ~ July 16, 2020

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Much love ~



2 thoughts on “Ramblings And What Not ~

  1. We have had very hot and humid weather recently too. It’s nice that you can get away to somewhere a little cooler.

    I love a good romantic comedy now and then. I had not heard of either of these. Thanks for the recommendations!

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