3 Cozy Mysteries

Hello Peoples! I hope you are enjoying an extraordinary summer. We are experiencing temperatures in the 90’s. Usually, I don’t like hot, hot weather. I’m a spring and autumn person, however, this summer the heat feels good to me.  🙂  YAY! Our raspberry bush has raspberries!!! I don’t like to read outside, however, this summer I’ve been reading in the great outdoors more than I have in the past. Here are three cozy mysteries, I did read, with a brief review.  🙂


Wrong Side of the Paw by Laurie Cass

A Bookmobile Cat Mystery

This is one of my favorite series! I’ve been reading them a little out of order, but I’m enjoying every minute with Minnie, Rafe, Kristen and all the fun characters in Chilson, Michigan. In this mystery, Eddie the cat, Minnie and Leese, an attorney, find a dead body in the back of a pick-up truck. And! Leese is under suspicion! So, Minnie and Eddie decide to investigate to find the killer and prove Leese is innocent. Fun mystery!


A Call For Kelp by Bree Baker

A Seaside Café Mystery

Fun mystery and quirky characters!  🙂 Loved it! I read it straight through! Everly Swan, Maggie the cat and Lou the seagull are back with Everly’s lovable aunts in another mystery. This is another favorite series. Poor Mitzi. Someone killed her. Don’t fear, Everly is on the job, nosing around trying to find the killer. Cryptic messages, a small amount of suspense, humor AND romance is in the air, this mystery is sure to keep you smiling.


Guilty as Charred by Devon Delaney

A Cook-Off Mystery

Sherry is a celebrity after winning a cooking contest in Florida. While making a guest appearance on a local radio program, it is announced, Poppy has been murdered! Sherry doesn’t want to investigate, however, several people approach her asking for her help. And! She has a LOT going on right now, but, she agrees to ask around. Good mystery. This is a series I’ve been reading as they are released.

Happy Reading!

Much love ~


Classic Movie Friday!

Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill in Star Wars (1977)

Star Wars: Episode IV ~ A New Hope (1977)

Mark Hamill   Harrison Ford   Carrie Fisher   Alec Guinness   Peter Mayhew

Peter Cushing   Anthony Daniels   Kenny Baker   David Prowse

This film is so wildly popular, I’m almost afraid to write a review. I’m not sure I can do it justice. I probably don’t need to be concerned about spoilers either???  🙂  Everyone has seen the film ~ right???  🙂

Darth Vader (David Prowse) has captured Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher). She is one strong female character! After her capture, even though Darth Vader has the advantage, she stands right up to him and tells him just what she thinks! She’s outspoken with Tarkin (Peter Cushing) too! Leia insists she is on a diplomatic mission to Alderon. Just before Vader boards the ship she is on, she manages to hide the plans of the new Death Star, which has the capability to destroy a planet, in R2D2 (Kenny Baker) with a message to Obi-Wan Kenobi ( Alec Guinness). R2D2 must somehow get the plans to Obi-Wan so the Rebellion can decipher the plans and find a weakness in the Death Star which they can exploit. Not a task for the faint-hearted!

Through a process Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) and Obi-Wan meet Hans Solo (Harrison Ford) and Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew) They must work together to save the Princess and make certain R2D2 arrives at the secret location of the Rebellion. The Rebellion must destroy the Death Star to save the galaxy from the Empire!

Do you remember when you saw this episode of Star Wars for the first time???



The House Without A Key by Earl Derr Biggers

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Charlie Chan #1 by Earl Derr Biggers

Hello Peoples! I have three TBR piles. That’s right, I do. During this strange time we find ourselves in, I have finished reading my primary TBR pile! That is quite an accomplishment!  🙂  Now I move on to my secondary TBR pile. Once I read the books in my secondary TBR pile, I will read the books in my odds and ends pile. The books in my primary TBR pile, I’ve owned the longest. The books in my secondary TBR pile I haven’t owned as long. So, you see how that works.  🙂

The House Without a Key is the first book in my secondary TBR pile. I wasn’t going to read any Charlie Chan Mysteries because I’ve watched some of the classic films ~ and I do enjoy them ~ so, I didn’t think I needed to read the books. Although I do realize the book is usually better than the film. When a relative gave me this book as a gift, I decided to read it.

In The House Without a Key, I was surprised to discover Charlie Chan is a secondary character. He is married and is the father of nine children, at this time. Mr. Chan does live in Honolulu and is very successful as a detective. The primary sleuth in this mystery is John Quincy Winterslip. He is from Boston and visiting Hawaii. When Minerva Winterslip, a relative of John’s, discovers another relative dead, in his bed, Charlie Chan arrives on the scene of the crime.

I really enjoyed this mystery!!! YAY! I liked John Qunicy. I was happy to join him on his adventure as he sleuthed around, trying to discover the identity of the killer. In fact. I liked all of the Winterslips I met in this mystery.

Throughout the book, the author describes the life, the language, the beaches and the flowers of Hawaii. I thought it was well done and I recommend it! 5***** stars! Although, I did miss Jimmy, Charlie Chan’s number two son!  🙂


It’s July 1st!!!

Hello Peoples! In celebration of July 1st, for no other reason, it’s just July 1st, I went to the bakery this morning, while it was still cool, sat outside and read a book for an hour! I savored a mixed berry muffin and icy tea. It was a beautiful morning ~ a light breeze and friendly sunshine graced the patio where I sat. And! It was quiet.  🙂  Enjoy July!


Much love ~