Montana Welcome by Melinda Curtis


Montana Welcome by Melinda Curtis

The Blackwell Sisters

A BIG thanks to the author!!!  🙂

“Lily Harrison’s wedding day isn’t quite what she imagined. Not only does her fiancé not love her, she’s just discovered she’s a Blackwell — a member of Montana’s well-known ranching family. Now Lily’s ditched her own wedding for a road trip with handsome cowboy ‘Connor Hannah. But will Lily find her answers in Montana . . . or loose the cowboy she’s already begun falling for?” ~goodreads

This book is highly entertaining!  🙂  I laughed, chuckled and snickered! When I started reading said book, I was sitting at a coffee shop laughing out loud.

When Lily over hears a troubling conversation between her dad and the would be groom, Lily ditches the wedding, the groom, the guests and her family ~ still wearing her wedding dress ~ she boards an RV and off she goes, leaving San Diego behind and traveling to Montana with a cowboy she just met! Connor is a great guy. He’s sensitive, a gentleman and determined to safely reach Montana. Of course there are challenges *ahem* along the way. One being a wedding dress, with a skirt and a hoop that certainly does it’s own thing!  🙂  First stop ~ a truck stop to get her out of that dress! And everyone knows, “Can’t get hitched without a slushie and a hot dog first.” That’s right!  🙂

On the trip, we soon meet Pepper and Natalie! These ladies are all energy and having the time of their lives! Lily, Pepper and Natalie quickly become friends. With three women and one cowboy, Connor is in way over his head. He’s certainly up for the task.

This book is well written. Loved it!  🙂   There’s romance, fun times, and a trip the ladies and the cowboy will never forget. I could go on and on about this fun story, but I’ll stop here. This book is oodles and oodles of fun. I guess I already said that. Highly recommend! 5 ***** stars!

Happy Reading!


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