The Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild (2020)

Harrison Ford   Omar Sy   Cara Gee   Dan Stevens   Bradley Whitford

Oh my word! I loved this movie! The story is about Buck. He’s a BIG, fun, soft-hearted dog, who gets into all sorts of mischief. He’s so playful and he love’s his human family. He lives in California. Well, one night he is lured away and kidnapped or dognapped by a man with nefarious intent. He’s sold in Skagway, Alaska and becomes a member of a dog sled team, delivering the mail to remote towns in the Yukon. More than once, throughout this film, I wanted Buck to come live with me.  🙂  He does encounter danger and less than friendly people. In spite of all the challenges, he’s having a great time, as Buck normally does. Buck meets John Thornton (Harrison Ford) and the two become friends and travel together somewhere near the Artic Circle.

This story is so rich with adventure! John Thornton is a good man. John and Buck take good care of one another and have a great companionship. John talks to Buck and Buck seems to listen and understand.

The cinematography seems perfect to me. Beautiful country. Typical gold rush size towns. Rough, tough people. And, a wilderness that is begging to be explored.

HIGHLY Recommend!


6 thoughts on “The Call of the Wild

  1. I started to read this but decided I better stop- I want to watch the movie. I’m glad it’s good!!!

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  2. Yay! I’m so glad you watched and enjoyed it! I was hoping you would like it! Such a good movie with so many great elements. I just love Buck. Maybe I need to look up more stories about the Yukon.

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