Mimi Lee Reads Between the Lines by Jennifer J. Chow

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Hello Peoples! Mimi Lee, our favorite pet groomer, is back in another fun mystery. This time a teacher is murdered! Mimi’s sister Alice, is a teacher at the same school where Helen Reed, the victim, was discovered dead. The detective, working the case, has his sights set on Alice as his primary suspect. How rude! While Mimi is investigating and working at her pet grooming business, she’s also concerned about her parents relationship. Never a dull moment for our female protagonist!

“Mimi Lee Reads Between the Lines” by Jennifer J. Chow is the second book in “A Sassy Cat Mystery.” And! Marshmallow is one sassy cat. I might just add, it’s always interesting and quirky when Mimi and Marshmallow communicate with one another. Mmmm. Then we have a new kitten added to the mix in this cozy mystery. Such a cutie!

It’s great to have, Mimi’s boyfriend Josh back in the story. He’s always busy with the law firm, but their relationship is progressing forward.

I didn’t solve this mystery. However, when that person with nefarious motives was revealed, I wasn’t surprised. Cute story!

Happy Reading!


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