Aurora Teagarden

Hello Peoples! Yesterday Rick and I were out and about, going here, going there. Rick found two Hallmark movies/mysteries he thought I would enjoy, so he picked them up for me. I was surprised he found them! They are rare up here. The library has a few. I’m not sure if the bookstore has any. We don’t have cable, in fact, we don’t watch TV. We watch movies. 🙂📽🎬🎥

A Bone To Pick ~ An Aurora Teagarden Mystery (2015)

Aurora Teagarden (Candice Cameron Bure) belongs to a Real Murders Group. The members of the group get together to discuss and solve real murders. These are cold cases, very cold cases. It has been recorded, some of these cases went to trial and a person was convicted, other times the accused was found “not guilty” by the jury. Well! A member of said group unexpectedly dies and Aurora aka Roe surprisingly inherits everything. Roe soon discovers a human skull in the home she has inherited. Roe begins to investigate to discover the identity of the poor victim and to learn who killed the victim.

Roe is charming. She’s cute, smart and has a considerable amount of tenacity. Her best friend Sally (Lexa Doig) is entertaining. When Roe informs Sally she isn’t going to give the skull to the police, Sally protests! She is against Roe investigating a murder. She wants the police to handle the investigation. Spouting her objections along the way, Sally is by Roe’s side during her investigation of said murder.

I liked Sally’s Uncle John (Bruce Dawson). He’s funny and enthusiastic about sleuthing. He likes Aida Teagarden (Marilu Henner), which is amusing. When Aida learns her daughter has discovered a real human skull, she is appalled, to say the least! A fun movie! A grisly murder!

Real Murders: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery (2015)

Oh my! My my my. A friend has been brutally murdered. Robin Daniels (Robin Dunne) is scheduled to speak at the Real Murders club. Robin is an author, Roe’s favorite author. However, when the police show up at the meeting, said meeting is canceled because a friend has been murdered in her home. Once again, our charming sleuth (Candace Cameron Bure) is on the case, determined to discover the identity of the killer. And! She soon learns the killer has copied a murder from years gone by. Robin Daniels is eager to assist her in any way he can and Sally (Lexa Doig) is once again howling her objections along the way! Uncle John is back and charming as ever along with Roe’s mother (Marilu Henner).

The Detective (Miranda Frigon) does not like Roe, to say the least, so there is friction between the two women, in both movies.

I recommend both movies. I solved A Bone to Pick. I didn’t solve Real Murders though.

Much love ~


12 thoughts on “Aurora Teagarden

  1. I just watched A Bone to Pick last week! I was a little miffed with the way they portray her as a librarian, but nothing I couldn’t get over. I haven’t seen the other movie; I may look for it after the Christmas season.

  2. Awwww, I remember I tried one of these, not sure which one. I’m afraid the idea of Aurora being a librarian threw me off completely since she just popped in and out of the library whenever she wanted, which is far from the truth. I used to work in a library and we did keep set hours. 😉 I liked the Garage Sale Mysteries better, I confess.

    • I’ve watched the Garage Sale Mysteries and I like them too. But, I like the Aurora Teahouse Mysteries. I don’t have a problem with her being a librarian. I didn’t give it any though, but apparently there is a problem with it. Mmmm.

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