Spell the Month In Books ~ December

Hello Peoples! It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. We’ve been getting to know our new neighbors. That’s fun! We’ve been enjoying the Christmas season and I’ve been gushing over the chocolatey chocolate chip cookies I baked yesterday. So decadent! So addictive! 🍪👍😋

Spell the month in books is out and about, so, I decided to jump on in and participate. Go check out Carla’s blog! She did a fine job with December!

Spell the Month in Books: December – Carla Loves To Read (wordpress.com)


D ~ Dark Ambitions by Irene Hannon


E ~ Eat, Drink and be Wary by Devon Delaney


C ~ Closely Harbored Secrets by Bree Baker

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E ~ Every Secret Thing by Ann Tatlock


M ~ Murder On the Rocks by Karen MacInerney


B ~ Bookshop by the Sea by Denise Hunter

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E ~ the Escape by Lisa Harris

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R ~ Relative Silence by Carrie Stuart Parks

All of these books are on my TBR list. I haven’t read any of them. Mmm.

Happy Reading!

Much love ~


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