Day 14 ~ 30 Day Winter Writing Challenge

Hello Peoples! Yesterday was a beautiful day. I woke, dressed and walked to the bakery. I didn’t need a winter coat. I wore my new quilted vest, a scarf and mittens. I didn’t wear a hat or boots. I wore my athletic shoes. This is so unusual for January. We’re usually below zero in January. The bakery is take out only these days, so, I purchased a hot, dark chocolate and savored it on my journey home. When I arrived home and walked in the house, I was surprised to see our living room looked like a blanket, book and movie bomb exploded in said room. I laughed. I guess I didn’t notice the disaster before I walked to the bakery. We certainly enjoy our home. 😁

The Outstanding Blogger Award

I enjoy tags and memes, however, I don’t care so much for the awards, they exhaust me. ☹ I hope you still love me after saying that??? 🙂 My blogger friend, Carla, tagged everyone for the Outstanding Blogger Award, so, I thought I would go for it. You can find Carla at ~

The Outstanding Blogger Award – Carla Loves To Read (

You can find the creator of the award at ~

Colton Beckwith RPC | Essays of a High School Student (

Pesky Rules ~

~ Provide the link to the creator’s original award post, (very important: see why in step five).

The Outstanding Blogger Award | Colton Beckwith RPC (

~ Answer the questions provided.

~ Create 7 unique questions.

~ Nominate 10 bloggers. If you are reading this, consider yourself nominated. Ensure they are aware of their nomination. Neither the awards creator, nor the blogger that nominated you, can be nominated.

~ At the end of 2020 (I think I ‘m a little late) every blog that pings back the creator’s original post will be entered to win the 2020 Outstanding Blogger Award. Mmmm. 🤨

Carla’s Questions ~

1.) What motivated you to start blogging?

I don’t really remember. I belonged to a book discussion group and the group had a blog. I branched out on my own from there.

2.) Do you have a favorite type of post? If so, what is it?

Short posts! *haha*

3.) What was your favorite book or genre from your childhood?

I loved biographies. I especially loved the story of Helen Keller and Pocahontas.

4.) Do you use your local library? If not, how do you get books?

I do use the local library. Since CO-VID I don’t use it as often as I did before CO-VID, but I do still use it.

5.) If you could have dinner with a famous person (dead or alive) who would it be?

Sarah Palin. I think she’s interesting.

6.) What is one time or incident in your life you wish you could relive?

Oh gee. I have no idea. Mmmm.

7.) Do you have New Year’s resolutions?

Not really this year.

7 Amazing Questions ~

1.) Do you love to cook? Favorite meal to prepare?

2.) What is your favorite exercise routine?

3.) Besides reading, do you have a hobby? What is it?

4.) Besides books, do you collect anything? What?

5.) Other than Christmas, what is your favorite holiday?

6.) Do you enjoy traveling? Favorite place to travel to???

7.) What is your favorite movie?

Have a great day!

Much love ~


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