Day 18 ~ Winter Writing Challenge ~ Irish Stewed by Kylie Logan


An Ethnic Eats Mystery

Laurel Inwood, a chef, has left Hollywood and traveled to Hubbard, Ohio to help her sweet, foster Aunt Sophie run her restaurant, Sophie’s Terminal At the Tracks. The restaurant isn’t what Laurel expected, however, Aunt Sophie is having surgery, so, Laurel decides to stay and help until Aunt Sophie has recovered and is back on her feet again.

Shortly after Laurel arrives, Aunt Sophie and Laurel discover a dead body, slumped over a table in the restaurant. Jack Lancer, an investigative reporter is the victim. With Sophie soon to be in surgery and a young man wrongfully suspected, Laurel decides to do some sleuthing on her own. Of course, she does have help. Declan, a good looking lawyer, with a big family and owner of the Irish store is readily available to assist Laurel in any way he can.

Loved it! Laurel is a strong, female protagonist with an attitude and I suspect some arrogance. Declan, our equally strong male protagonist is up for the challenge. I loved the way those two bantered back and forth with one another. They were great together!!! The mystery was good ~ a little complicated. I didn’t solve it. 5 ***** stars!

Happy Reading!

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