Day 19 ~ 30 Day Winter Writing Challenge

Hello Peoples! Yesterday a friend I had not seen in a very long time stopped by. She gave us some tea ~ loose leaf and tea bag. She lives out in the country and we definitely don’t get together very often. It was a nice surprise.

Yesterday afternoon I was able to go for a walk. It was 30 degrees, so it was cold, but there wasn’t any wind! Yay! I stopped at a couple of the little free libraries and looked at the books. I didn’t find anything I was interested in, but it felt great to get out in the fresh air.

I also made veggie soup. I like the way soup, simmering on the stove, scents the house. ☺🍅🥬🥔🌽

What are you reading?

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I’m reading, The Escape by Lisa Harris.

Since it’s 3:15 am, I am going back to bed. I have been sleeping strange hours recently. I sleep good, just at unusual times.

Much love ~


3 thoughts on “Day 19 ~ 30 Day Winter Writing Challenge

  1. I got out three times this week so it has been great to be in the fresh air. A Little Free Library has appeared in the subdivision behind my house, so I also stopped and checked it out. I grabbed one book for me and one for the grandkids. I have some to pop in there if I get out tomorrow.

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