Day 23 ~ 30 Day Winter Writing Challenge ~ Murder, She Wrote A Deadly Judgment


Murder, She Wrote A Deadly Judgment by Jessica Fletcher & Donald Bain

I decided to read this series, in order, from the beginning. I’ve read the first eight books and A Deadly Judgment is my favorite of the eight. I don’t normally like courtroom drama, but this is one good read! I didn’t know the identity of the killer. There were several surprises and twists! The ending was complicated! And! Jessica did some good sleuthing in this mystery!

Jessica Fletcher is traveling to Boston to help an attorney friend, Malcolm McLoon with jury selection. William Brannigan has been accused of murdering his brother. His girlfriend is his only alibi! Someone wants the accused in prison and will stop at nothing to get the deed done.

McLoon is certainly a colorful character. He’s boisterous, pompous, loves good food and alcohol, however, if you ever need a criminal attorney, he’s your man.

And! Jessica does have time to see the sights of Boston and enjoy the food and bubbling atmosphere of this city. 5 ***** stars!

Murder, She Wrote (1984-1996)

Happy Reading!

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