Day 24 ~ 30 Day Winter Writing Challenge

Hello Peoples! It snowed most of the day Saturday, so I stayed home and made blueberry lemon bread. It is so good. I had a nap in the afternoon and I’ve been reading an interesting cozy mystery.

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A Legacy of Murder by Connie Berry

A Kate Hamilton Mystery

This is a new to me author. The mystery is a little different to me, in the sense, that there is a considerable amount of museum work in the book and our likable sleuth owns an antique store in the United States. So, she is very knowledgeable in regard to antiques. The mystery is set in England. Kate Middleton is our female protagonist. She is a widow with an adult son and daughter. Kate is involved with Tom, the detective inspector, who is investigating the murder. I like Kate and Tom.

I’m halfway through the mystery and I don’t know who the killer is.

This morning, my phone tells me it’s 25 degrees outside! These last days of January are certainly stay at home warm and cozy kind of days. 🤗

Much love ~


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