Day 25 ~ 30 Day Winter Writing Challenge

Hello Peoples! Oh my word! There is a sharp-shinned Hawk visiting our backyard, frequently! Oh my. We think because of her coloring and size, she is a female. Well! I don’t like her. She’s creepy. I don’t like her one bit, but Rick does. He says, she’s not so bad. All the little birds and other critters scurry away and hide when she arrives on the scene. The man at the bird store informs us, crows will chase a hawk away. We do have two crows that visit our yard. When they are in the backyard the hawk is no where in sight. If you would like to learn more about this creepy hawk, just click on the link ~

Sharp-shinned Hawk | Audubon Field Guide

Much love ~


3 thoughts on “Day 25 ~ 30 Day Winter Writing Challenge

  1. I love hawks and crows. Ravens are ominous looking to me, but not hawks. It’s true that the other birds scatter when there’s a hawk nearby. That happens in our backyard as well. I love backyard birds. They make me smile.
    Have a great week!!

  2. I love backyard birds as well. The crows do try to chase the hawks away. This summer I was sitting on my front porch and heard a ruckus in a nearby tree. The crows were circling and cawing. Soon, a hawk swooped out of the tree and snatched a small mouse on the sidewalk in front of our house. He sat on the sidewalk eating his kill. The crows didn’t seem to bother him much. It was quite amazing to watch.

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