Day 29 ~ 30 Day Winter Writing Challenge

Hello Peoples! Tessa at Tessa Talks Books answered a question today I thought I would answer on my blog. Tessa participates in The Book Blogger Hop. You can meet Tessa, learn more about the blogger hop and take a gander at her blog by clicking on the below link ~

Book Blogger Hop | Do you share books? – Tessa Talks Books

Do You Share Books??? If so, do you have a system to keep track of whom you lend books to???

Yes, yes I do share books. I’m happy to share my books with anyone who would like to read one. I don’t keep track of the books I lend because I’ve never had the need to do so. I’ve only lost one book I’ve loaned and I think I might see it returned to me one day. I loaned it just before CO-VID and I think CO-VID might be the reason it hasn’t been returned. We don’t see one another, like we use to, and I think she forgot to return it.

Now, what about you? Do you lend out your books?

Much love ~


8 thoughts on “Day 29 ~ 30 Day Winter Writing Challenge

  1. I occasionally lend books, but only ones that I can bear to lose in case I don’t get them back. My cherished reads are safely stashed away. I’m very possessive of those. 😌

  2. I’ve purchased second copies to lend out because I lost a favorite book and wasn’t able to replace it until decades later when it no longer held the same meaning.

  3. I do loan my books but only to certain people. I have to know you well and know that you will return my book unless I tell you to pass it on to someone else who wants to read it.

  4. Yes, I lend my books freely whenever asked because Jesus said to lend without reservation, and don’t ask for things back. I have never had one returned. LOL! I guess the people I lent to liked the books so much that they kept them. That’s great! I hope the books enriched their lives, and they enjoyed them as much as I did.

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