Day 30 ~The Classics Club ~ The Turquoise Mask by Phyllis A. Whitney


“Something hidden deep in her memory was the key to Amanda Austin’s past. She did not know it was also the key to her future. After her father died, she decided to learn the truth of her mother and family in New Mexico. But from the moment she arrived at her grandfather’s home, she was met with suspicion. And hate. They were her family, but they were strangers. And one of them was a murderer . . . ” ~goodreads

I liked this book as I do all of Phyllis Whitney’s books, but I’m not sure how I want to review said book. So! Here I go! Amanda’s mother died when Amanda was a little girl. There was always scandal and mystery surrounding her mother’s death. After her death, Amanda’s father whisked her away to the east. She never knew her mother’s family living in New Mexico, so after the death of her father, when she receives an invitation from her grandfather, she travels to New Mexico to meet her mother’s family.

Amanda is a determined female protagonist. I liked her. Even though she heard words of discouragement from her mother’s family, she wanted to know the truth about her mother’s death and nothing was going to scare her away. And someone was definitely trying to scare her off. She wanted answers. Her relatives were anything but friendly to her and I personally didn’t know why she was invited to visit them in New Mexico, when they obviously wanted her to leave. As she asked questions, her relatives kept putting her off. I felt her frustration. I personally didn’t trust anyone, except Amanda. Atmospheric. Suspenseful. It kept me guessing. πŸ˜²πŸ“š Good mystery!

Happy Reading!

This was the first book I’ve read for The Classics Club in 2021 and also the last day for my 30 Day Winter Writing Challenge!!!

3 thoughts on “Day 30 ~The Classics Club ~ The Turquoise Mask by Phyllis A. Whitney

  1. I thought I had read most of Phyllis Whitney’s books. I don’t remember a book in New Mexico. I remember something like your story but was set in Canada. She was one of my favorite authors during my college years and beyond.

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