Checking Our Crime by Laurie Cass


A Bookmobile Cat Mystery

Minne Hamilton, Eddie the cat, Rafe, Kristen, Aunt Frances, Otto and friends in Chilson, Michigan are back in another fun and puzzling cozy mystery.

As my neighbor was known to say, never in all my born days!

This book is hilarious, with plenty of sass. But, let me start at the beginning. Minnie Hamilton is out and about in her bookmobile with Eddie the cat and her trusty part-time help, Julie, when they discover a dead body in the road. Well! That’s not good. 😉 Minnie, our intrepid librarian/part time sleuth soon discover she is mired in another murder mystery, however, she has a great helper in her investigation! Yes, she does.

I laughed out loud as I read this mystery, full of sauce. The mystery, not me! 😉 I have enjoyed this series from the beginning. Minnie talks to her cat throughout the book, which is amusing and charming, to say the least. Of course, winter is closing in on the community and Minnie, who lives on an unheated boat during the warmer months in Michigan, is worried as to were she is going to live during the frigid winter months. Kristen will soon close her restaurant and travel to the warmer climate of Florida. Rafe is one busy guy working as a middle school principal and trying to finish his house.

I decided to make a list, for your reading pleasure!

Things I have In Common With Minnie ~

1.) Minnie is short. I am short. I am taller than Minnie, but I am still short.

2.) She is a librarian. I like to read. ~I do believe that counts!~

3.) Minnie drives a bookmobile. I drive a car with books in it! Hey! Close enough.

3.) She is engaged to Rafe. I am married. ☺

4.) Minnie has a cat. I like cats. 😺

5.) She has a sense of humor and plenty of sass. I have a sense of humor . . . sass??? I’m not sure??? I will ask someone who knows, if I have sass. I asked. He grunted. 🙄

6.) Minnie owns and lives on a boat. I would live on a boat, if I owner one! ⛴

7.) She has fun friends. I have fun friends!

8.) Minnie is cold in the winter. I am cold in the winter.

There you have it. I hope you read and enjoy this mystery as much as I did! 5 ***** stars!

Happy Reading!

Much love ~


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