Murder, She Wrote ~ The Murder of Sherlock Holmes

Murder She Wrote ~ Season 1

Angela Lansbury Michael Horton Brian Keith Anne Francis Arthur Hill and a whole lot more!

We are very excited. We discovered the first season of Murder, She Wrote and it was on sale! YAY! Apparently, The Murder of Sherlock Holmes was the Pilot Episode. How fun!

Jessica Fletcher (Angela Lansbury) wrote a book. She really had no intention of having it published. She wrote the book to have fun. Well! Her nephew Grady (Michael Horton) read the book and sent it to a publisher and the book was published. So, Jessica soon finds she is traveling to New York for interviews on television and radio. After being jostled, misunderstood and frankly ill-treated she has enough of New York City. She is so nice, respectful and polite, she does make friends. Her publisher Preston Giles (Arthur Hill) invites her to his country home for the weekend and she accepts. After she arrives at Preston’s home, she learns there is to be a costume party. Shortly after she arrives, in a lovely costume, someone in a Sherlock Holmes costume is murdered. She soon finds herself investigating the nefarious crime.

This episode was fun, witty, charming and a good mystery. We enjoyed it very much. There were actually two crimes in this episode. I solved one crime and Rick solved the second crime. I guess we work well together. 😊 We have seen Murder, She Wrote on one of the retro channels, however, I don’t think we had ever seen the Pilot episode.

Highly recommend!

Much love ~


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