Top Ten Tuesday ~ My Ten Most Recent Reads ~

Hello Peoples! This week on Top Ten Tuesday we are sharing our ten most recent reads. I can do that. 😁 For more information on Top Ten Tuesday, just meander on over to Artsy Reader Girl.


The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain. Loved it!


The Dark Heart of Florence by Tasha Alexander. Lady Emily and Colin are, once again, embroiled in another mystery.


Fishing For Trouble by Elizabeth Logan. Someone dies in the Bear Claw Diner.


Hunting Shadows by Charles Todd. Love the Ian Rutledge Series.


April Food Dead by Carolyn Hart. I am so addicted to Max and Annie Darling and the Death On Demand Mysteries.

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The Cover Story by Deb-Richardson-Moore. Two college students are in an automobile accident on their way home. One is killed. The other has an interesting story to tell.


Murder In the Margins by Margaret Loudon. The reader travels to England where Penelope, writer in residence, becomes involved in a mystery when the chair of the Worthington Fest is found dead.

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Dead Days of Summer by Carolyn Hart. Max and Annie Darling are back in another Death On Demand mystery.


The Diabolical Bones by Bella Ellis. I’m not sure I liked this one. Mmm. It’s a Bronte Sisters Mystery.


Engaged to Die by Carolyn Hart. LOL! Max and Annie Darling are once again involved in a mystery.

There you have it. My last ten reads. Happy Reading!

What was your last read?

Much love ~


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