Murder Takes the Bus ~

Murder She Wrote, Murder Takes the Bus (1985)

Angela Lansbury Tom Bosley Linda Blair Terence Knox Michael Constantine

Larry Linfield Rue McClanahan David Wayne Mills Watson Don Stroud Albert Salmi

I like this episode of Murder, She Wrote. Jessica (Angela Lansbury) and Amos Tupper (Tom Bosley) board a bus in Cabot Cove which is bound for Portland. Jessica is speaking at the Sheriff’s Convention. Several passengers also board in Cabot Cove and two passengers are picked on the trip to Portland. It’s getting late and it’s pouring rain! The bus stops at a small café when the bus driver (Michael Constantine) informs his passengers the bus is having engine problems. The passengers find respite in the café while the driver works on the bus. Well, you guessed it, Jessica finds one of the passengers murdered on the bus!

This has great atmosphere. It’s pouring rain, night time, the bus is traveling. En route, two people board, no one gets off until they reach the café! The killer is one of them!



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