The Classics Club ~ Hunter’s Green by Phyllis A. Whitney


After a separation from her husband, Eve North returns to Athmore, the home of her husband and his family. But, when she returns, she discovers he is engaged to Alicia Daven, a woman I did not like or trust. The family does not want Eve’s husband, Justin, to marry Alicia and hopes Eve can somehow prevent the union. Eve and Justin were never divorced. Soon after her arrival at Athmore, Old Daniel tries to warn Eve of something sinister at Athmore, but Eve is puzzled about the warning. Almost everyone on the estate seems nefarious, however, when someone tries to kill Eve, she is convinced of an enemy and must uncover the truth about the recent malicious events at Athmore and the identity of the one who wants to see her dead.

Good story! It’s suspense, light romance with a gothic quality. The fear and suspicion were well-written and one by one each character, in their turn seemed guilty of devious behavior. With the exception of Eve, I didn’t like the North family, but I don’t think I was suppose to. I was suppose to be suspicious of them. A ghost is mentioned, dark nights and chilly weather to create a suspenseful atmosphere. I really enjoyed it!

Happy Reading!

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