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This weeks question ~ Do you consider yourself a good cook?

Well, that’s a good question. No, I don’t consider myself a good cook, however, I do have food I cook well, so, I guess I have my specialties.

I make awesome homemade bread. I make it the old fashioned way. I don’t own a bread machine. I mix the ingredients, knead the dough and let it rise and bake it. It’s not difficult, it’s time consuming.

I make great lasagna. I don’t eat meat, so it is a veggie lasagna. Friends, who eat meat and have tried my veggie lasagna love it. I also make a great potato salad, baked mac and cheese and soup.

Let’s hear from you! Do you consider yourself a good cook?

Much love ~


8 thoughts on “Wondering Wednesdays ~

  1. Great question! I may have to defer to DJ for his honest answer šŸ˜‚ I think Iā€™m a good enough cook following a recipe – but Iā€™m not great when I try to do things on a whim lol

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