Ask Me No Questions by Shelley Noble


A Lady Dunbridge Mystery

Shortly after arriving in New York, Lady Philomena Dunbridge aka Lady Phil hears a gunshot, runs in the direction of the sound, discovering Reggie Reynolds has been shot. Mimi LaPonte is with him. His wife Bev, a close friend of Lady Phil, is nearby. There are people everywhere and the scene is somewhat chaotic. The police arrive and Bev Reynolds is soon a suspect. Lady Phil along with her lady’s maid and butler find themselves embroiled in a murder investigation to clear Bev’s name. There is scandal around every corner, Belmont horse racing, an intriguing detective, crooked cops and a sparkling social life in this captivating mystery.

I enjoyed reading this book. I laughed out loud at times. I thought the mystery was entertaining. I loved Lady Phil, her lady’s maid Lily, and butler Preswick. I don’t know much about Lily’s past, but she’s not your average lady’s maid. Preswick is a typical butler, but I do like a good butler in a story. They were great characters. Bev was a hoot. They were fun and ready to assist Lady Phil when needed. Detective Sergeant Atkins is appealing. Mmmm.

However, there are a few adult comments in the story!

Happy Reading!


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