Killing Thyme by Leslie Budewitz


A Spice Shop Mystery

Pepper is back in another Spice Shop Mystery. Pepper’s mother, Lena, is visiting from Costa Rica. She seems to be a pleasant woman. While Pepper and Lena are shopping, enjoying the artist’s creations in the Market, Lena recognizes a woman from her past whom she thought was dead, Bonnie Clay, a potter. Mmm. Now why would Lena think Bonnie was dead??? A few days later Bonnie is dead, murdered. And! She seems to be connected to Pepper’s family. Of course, Pepper decides to investigate, only finding herself digging into an unsolved, cold case from the 1980’s!

Killing Thyme was a good mystery. Pepper has two new employees, a new bridal gift registry at her Spice Shop and a bridezilla! Wow. A food critic is visiting the Spice Shop and writing an article about Pepper’s place. So, Pepper has stuff on her mind and she’s busy with an investigation. I don’t like Pepper’s ex-husband. He needs to leave Pepper alone, maybe move to the east coast. πŸ™„

Happy Reading! 4 **** spicy stars!


4 thoughts on “Killing Thyme by Leslie Budewitz

  1. So glad you enjoyed it, Kathy — and LOL about Tag! Their relationship does continue to evolve, especially as Pepper moves on. I’m finishing up the 6th book right now!

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