End of July Blabbering ~

Hello Peoples! We have been getting a LOT of smoke in our illustrious city. Yesterday when Rick dropped me off at the bakery, I’m not walking there yet, he asked, where is all this smoke coming from??? It did smell nice. It smelled like someone was burning wood in a fireplace or campfire. According to the news, there has been a fire in Canada and we are getting the smoke. I was fine with it because the scent was great. However, no one wants a dangerous fire. I keep the windows open in our house as much as possible in the summer. I like fresh air, however, last night we closed the windows. I didn’t want to wake up to a smoke filled house. This very fine morning, there doesn’t seem to be as much smoke. And! It is suppose to rain today.

Rick and I have been watching the Olympics as much as possible. It’s been so many things ~fun, exciting, disappointing, surprising, etc. We’ve watched, men’s and women’s volleyball, sand volleyball, basketball, shalom canoeing, gymnastics, swimming, skateboarding, surfing, water polo and, oh yes, I did watch the gold medal match of women’s fencing. I like fencing. I did some fencing in college and enjoyed it!

If the sport is on tv and we’re at home, we watch it.

Zorro (Guy Williams) 1957-1959

Zorro, my favorite sword fighting, swashbuckling hero. 😁😉

Favorite Read in July ~


The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain

I enjoyed Tom Sawyer, very much. I was surprised. It’s a fun read.

Your Favorites at the Cottage in July ~

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July 16, 2021 ~ National Ice Cream Day

Have a great day Peoples!

Much love ~



It’s Almost August!!!

Hello Peoples! That’s right, it’s almost August!!! Where does the summer go???

My hair stylist was also a great friend. She passed away and I have trying to find a new hair stylist since she passed. Finding a good hairstylist can be a challenge. They charge a huge amount of money and don’t do what you want And! I have a photo on my very smart phone.😉 Anyway, I would show the photo to the hairstylist and ask her if she can cut my hair like the cut in the photo. They always say, yes. Well, it has been my experience, they never do.

So, it was time again for another haircut. I groan. I sigh. I puff out my cheeks and poof. Well, Rick decided to talk to his barber. She said, yes, she can cut women’s hair and in fact, she has several female customers. So today I decided to talk to her. I went to her barbershop. Yes, barbershop. I was a little nervous about entering a barbershop. Why??? Who knows??? I showed her the photo I have on my very smart phone.😁 She said, yes could cut my hair like the cut in the photo and SHE DID! I am thrilled. She’s a master barber and she has been cutting hair for 36 years! I will be returning to her in the future.

Much love ~


To See Your Face Again by Eugenia Price

To See Your Face Again 1st edition by Price, Eugenia published by Doubleday Hard

Oh my word! It took me a very long time to read this book! You might ask, Kathy, why did it take you so long to read this book? Why, thank-you for asking. Natalie Browning, the female protagonist, is a most unlikable character. She brings new meaning to the word spoiled! I started reading this book in April and I finished it today! I required many breaks from Natalie. So, any time I needed to get away from her, I would stop reading this book and read a different book. To See Your Face Again is the second book in a four book series. I wanted to read all four books, so I wanted to finish reading this book, even if it took me twelve months.

The year is 1838. Natalie Browning boards the ill-fated Pulaski. On this brief and horrific trip, she meets Burke Latimer and falls in love with him. She is a strong character. Her stubbornness served her well when it was necessary to survive a ship disaster. However, she is also determined to marry the man and will stop at nothing to do so. It’s a very good story with an arrogant, stubborn, spoiled and vain protagonist.

Happy Reading!


It’s going to be a hot hot day! 100 degrees! I’m going to go to the bakery this morning and read for a couple of hours. Have a great day everyone! Stay cool!

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Top Ten Tuesday!

Hello Peoples! This week on Top Ten Tuesday we’re looking at Books I’d Want With Me While Stranded On A Desert Island. Well, this should be fun. Without a doubt, the first book I would choose is ~ The Bible! Yup, it goes where I go.


The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien. Haha. I count this as one book.😁


That’s right! I would want Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs with me. I read this book a few months ago and loved it! Mmm. I might have some of the jungle in me.

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YES! I would have The Fall of Gondolin by JRR Tolkien with me!


This Rough Magic by Mary Stewart


The Man Who Was Thursday by G. K. Chesterton

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The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. I count the entire set as one book.😁


The Mitford Series by Jan Karon ~ All of them are one. I have a lot of that happening.😁😁


The Curate of Glaston by George MacDonald

And there you have it! Now it’s your turn, what books would want on a desert island???

Happy Reading!

Much love ~


The Classics Club ~ Star Flight by Phyllis A. Whitney


Lauren Castle had a grandmother she never knew. She was told, her grandmother, an actress, drowned herself in a lake in the mountains of North Carolina. Her grandparents were never married. Now, many years later, Lauren’s filmmaker husband dies, in an accident, in the same area of North Carolina. Two years after the death of her husband, Lauren receives a mysterious letter in the mail beckoning her to come to North Carolina and solve the questionable death of Lauren’s husband, Jim Castle.

This was a strange story. I’m not sure I liked it. Lauren’s grandmother died, but her body was never found. Jim Castle was mysteriously killed. There is a UFO sighting and all the characters in the story seem to be hiding something. There are definitely quirky characters. Lauren wants answers and all are warning her to leave before it’s to late. There is a foreboding atmosphere in the story. In spite of the warnings, Lauren remains in North Carolina, investigating, asking questions to learn why her grandmother died mysteriously so many years ago and why her husband is dead.

The story is well written and kept my attention, but it was odd. There are secrets and unanswered questions and Lauren could be in danger. Interesting book.

The Classics Club – A Community of Classics Lovers (wordpress.com)

Happy Reading!

Hello Peoples! I just returned from a walk! YAY! It’s a beautiful morning. There’s a nice breeze outside. I walked to one of many Little Free Libraries in our area. I decided, as I start walking again, I would make the Little Free Libraries my destination. They are all a nice, easy walk to get me started jaunting outside again.

Yesterday when Rick and I were at the Orthopedic Clinic waiting for my name to be called. This energetic boy came shooting out of one of the exam rooms. He was great. You know the type, tousled head of hair, jeans, lightweight rumpled shirt, well-used athletic shoes. He was more than ready for an adventure. His mother and younger sibling came out shortly after the young tyke, trying to keep up with the youngster. Mom was carrying his arm cast. Rick and I got the biggest chuckle out of that scene unfolding before us. Obviously, the little dickens broke his arm. Yesterday the cast was removed and he was ready for adventure, probably a quest! He was able to keep his cast ~ a badge of honor!

Have a great day!

Much love ~


Walking ~

Hello Peoples! I just returned from the doctor. He gave me the all clear. I am good to go! He said, my left leg is weaker than my right leg, but time will correct that small problem. So! I am going to start walking short distances. YAY! I’ll increase the distance as time goes by.

Much love ~


Wondering Wednesdays ~ The Olympics

Hello Peoples! Welcome to Wondering Wednesdays, a weekly post to learn more about me and other bloggers. If you are a blogger, please join in every week. To learn more, click on the link below ~

The Olympics – A Baker’s Perspective (abakersperspective.com)

Today’s question ~ Do you enjoy watching the Olympics? What is your favorite sport at the games?

YES! I do enjoy watching the Olympics and hope to see them in person one day! From the opening ceremonies to the closing ceremonies, I am sitting in front of the tv cheering on the U.S.A. I love the summer and winter games. I watch all the sports. I watch volleyball, gymnastics, skiing, figure skating, snowboarding, swimming, cycling, diving etc. I look forward to the Olympics and cheer the American team on and on and on!

What about you? Do you watch the Olympics? What’s your favorite sport?

Much love ~


The Classics Club ~ The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain

Recently, I read The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain. I loved it! Well, once I finished reading said book, I decided to read Tom Sawyer. I am happy to report I liked Tom Sawyer also! I never dreamed Mark Twain would quickly become one of my favorite authors.

Tom is an incredibly likable boy. He’s a rascal and full of mischief, but oh so likable. He has an amazing imagination and so many wonderful adventures. I personally liked the Sherwood Forest adventure. He lives with his Aunt Polly in a town called, St. Petersburg. He has one brother ~ Sid. Tom’s best friend is Joe Harper. Later in the story, we meet Huckleberry Finn. Huck is an outcast. The citizens of St. Petersburg don’t want Huck playing with their children or associating with them at all. I must say, I didn’t like Huck when I was introduced to him, but as the story progresses, I grew to like him. He seems rougher than Tom or Joe. Life on the Mississippi River is full of fun and adventure. However, there is also fear and danger.

I was laughing hard throughout most of the story. The incident with the cat had me in stitches! Everything Mark Twain describes was so real and I was with Tom throughout all of his adventures and escapades. I was somewhat surprised when I met Becky Thatcher. I was expecting her to be a pesky girl, but Tom was smitten with her.

There are strange superstitions in this story. I raised an eyebrow more than once. And! Keep in mind this story was published in 1876! I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

Happy Reading!

The Classics Club – A Community of Classics Lovers (wordpress.com)