You Bet Your Life & Killer In the Kitchen


Murder, She Wrote You Bet Your Life by Jessica Fletcher & Donald Bain

Jessica Fletcher travels to Las Vegas to be with her friend Martha when she marries the wealthy Victor Kildare. Two years later Jessica returns to Las Vegas to support and encourage Martha, who has been accused of murdering her husband.

This mystery was very good! As many of you know, I don’t like courtroom drama, well, this book is in the courtroom and it was very good. It was a high profile case, so, Court TV was filming, viewers could watch the trial on television. Jessica joins the defense team and is a great asset to the team. There were plenty of suspects, all dishonest and I knew I had to follow the money trail. There was more than one colorful ex-wife, a daughter, business partners, business associates, and employees, many nefarious, a whole lotta money and a successful business to inherit. The ending was amazing! 5 ***** stars!


Murder She Wrote Killer In the Kitchen by Jessica Fletcher & Donald Bain

Oh gee. This was not my favorite Jessica Fletcher mystery.

Cabot Cove residents, Brad and Marcie, follow their dream and open a restaurant.

Celebrity Chef Gerard Leboeuf decides to open a bistro near Brad and Marcie’s restaurant. It is one disaster after another, the stress is unbearable, tempers flare and someone is murdered. Brad is the primary suspect and arrested for the crime. However, there are so many characters who wanted the victim dead! And! I thought Jessica broke character in this mystery. She has always been a no nonsense character and a straight arrow, but I thought she made a couple of choices out of character for her and these choices were unnecessary. She could have waited. It all worked out in the end though. 4 **** stars!

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2 thoughts on “You Bet Your Life & Killer In the Kitchen

  1. You are ahead of me with reading these in order. The last one I read had Court TV in it as well! As much as I enjoy these mysteries, I guess that can’t all be 5 stars šŸ˜Ŗ

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