The Classics Club ~ Star Flight by Phyllis A. Whitney


Lauren Castle had a grandmother she never knew. She was told, her grandmother, an actress, drowned herself in a lake in the mountains of North Carolina. Her grandparents were never married. Now, many years later, Lauren’s filmmaker husband dies, in an accident, in the same area of North Carolina. Two years after the death of her husband, Lauren receives a mysterious letter in the mail beckoning her to come to North Carolina and solve the questionable death of Lauren’s husband, Jim Castle.

This was a strange story. I’m not sure I liked it. Lauren’s grandmother died, but her body was never found. Jim Castle was mysteriously killed. There is a UFO sighting and all the characters in the story seem to be hiding something. There are definitely quirky characters. Lauren wants answers and all are warning her to leave before it’s to late. There is a foreboding atmosphere in the story. In spite of the warnings, Lauren remains in North Carolina, investigating, asking questions to learn why her grandmother died mysteriously so many years ago and why her husband is dead.

The story is well written and kept my attention, but it was odd. There are secrets and unanswered questions and Lauren could be in danger. Interesting book.

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