A Little Class On Murder by Carolyn G. Hart


A Death On Demand Mystery

Max and Annie Darling are back in a puzzling mystery. Annie is asked to teach a college class on murder mysteries. You guessed it, she decides to teach the class and chose to teach on the three Grande Dames of Mystery ~ Agatha Christie, Mary Roberts Rhinehart and Dorothy Sayers.

After a distressing article in the school newspaper, someone is discovered dead, the police rule suicide. Not long after the suicide, two people are horribly killed and the college is shocked to it’s core! There are plenty of suspects! And! Max and Annie are assisted by three quirky, but lovely ladies ~ Laurel (Max’s mother), Henny and Miss Dora! Oh my word! I want these characters to live in my neighborhood! They are amusing! And! They do help. I did solve the mystery. I was surprised I solved it. It’s not an easy mystery. Of course, Rick and I were working together to solve said mystery. There is profanity in the story. 4 **** quirky stars!

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