The Classics Club ~ The Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer


Upon my word! The Grand Sophy is a highly entertaining read! I highly recommend it! However, I must start at the beginning.

Sophy’s father (Sir Horace) must travel to Brazil, so he visits his sister (Lady Ombersley) to ask her if his daughter, Sophy can stay with her while he is away. Of course, Lady Ombersley says, yes.

From the moment Sophy arrives, the house is in an uproar and all is topsy turvy! The Ombersley family is never the same again. Sophy is wonderful. She is energetic, fun, unorthodox, imaginative and thoroughly lovable! She certainly knows how to add life to a house where the inhabitants have had a dull existence. The story is witty, hilarious and engaging. I wasn’t sure what Sophy was up to most of the time, but I did know it was mischief!

I liked Charles. He was certainly blustery most of the time. When he meets his cousin, he is engaged to Miss Eugenia Wraxton. The poor man. I thought the woman insufferable. However, Charles did love and care for his family. He did exhibit a softer side. So, Charles was not all bad.

Sophy did the most outrageous things. She could handle a horse as well as any man. Sir Horace taught her to shoot and she carried a loaded gun with her. She could take care of herself and wasn’t given to swooning or any such nonsense. She interferes in most everyone’s life. This book is incredibly delightful and I can’t recommend it enough!

Happy Reading!

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