The Classic’s Club ~ Dawn of the Morning by Grace Livingston Hill


Really good story! Dawn had a difficult start in life. She was separated from her mother at an early age, never to see her again. Her dad eventually remarries. Dawn’s stepmother has nefarious purposes for Dawn. She hates the young girl. and wants her out of her life. When Dawn’s education is finished, Dawn is tricked into marrying a man she barely knows and feels the need to flew from her marriage. During her days on the run, she grows as an individual, gains strength in her character and realizes she has courage and determination.

I liked Dawn. She certainly had an interesting time of it. The characters she meets after she flees her new husband are interesting, especially Daniel. When I first met Daniel he was a bit of a rascal, however, as time progresses he becomes a great guy and Dawn’s greatest ally.

This book is well-written and moves at a great pace. I read almost half the book in one sitting. Most of the characters are likable, but others only have their own selfish interests at heart. It was nice to see several of the characters develop and grow during the course of the story. Highly recommend for any age! Dawn of the Morning is now one of my favorites by this author, along with, The Red Signal.

Happy Reading!

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