The Classics Club ~ Frederica by Georgette Heyer


What an incredibly fun family! I loved Frederica and her siblings!

Frederica Merriville and her three younger siblings have arrived in London. Frederica hopes to find a good match for her younger sister, Charis. She seeks out a distant cousin for help. Enter ~the Most Honourable the Marquis of Alverstoke! What a title! I need to say, the Marquis’ life is turned upside down with the arrival of the Merriville family! I personally loved the Merrivilles, even poor Charis, who was much given to tears, swooning and the vapours!

The boys, Jessamy and Felix were lively and full of great energy. The reader will visit the foundry, attempt to ride the first bicycle and have the adventure of a lifetime in a hot air balloon. So much fun! And of course, I don’t want to leave out Lufra! What a great dog!

This book was incredibly entertaining! Highly recommend it. I laughed and thoroughly enjoyed it.


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