Tomato ~

Good morning Peoples! I went to the grocery store and picked up a tomato. When I arrived at the check-out/cashier, below was our brief conversation.

Cashier ~ (holding tomato) What type of tomato is this?

Me ~ Red.


As my neighbor was known to say, “Never in all my born days.”πŸ™„

Yesterday I went for a walk and it was a beautiful, autumn day. It had been raining and the leaves are changing and some leaves are falling to the ground. So brisk, fresh and autumny.

I made blueberry crisp. Yummy. with the cooler temps I’ve been using our oven more. Tis the season for comfort food. Yummy. Mac & cheese is my favorite comfort food! What’s yours???

I snapped a photo of Split Rock Lighthouse when we visited Lake Superior. Yesterday I took my camera disc to the photography shop and had the photo enlarged and put on artist’s canvas. It will be ready in a week. I love lighthouses! I’ve visited many of the lighthouses on the east coast. If lighthouses could talk . . .

What I’m Reading ~

30255946. sy475

Racing the Devil by Charles Todd

This is an Ian Rutledge mystery and it is so good. I’m almost finished. I recommend the Ian Rutledge mysteries. I recommend reading them in order.

Have a great weekend Peoples! SMILE!

Much love ~


4 thoughts on “Tomato ~

  1. Just watching Snoopy laugh makes me laughπŸ˜‚. We have visited Split Rock Lighthouse many times. I have a framed poster of it that we picked up while there. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Bread is my comfort food, fresh, white, French, Italian, flat, toast, garlic, french toast, grilled cheese, rolls, sandwiches. I don’t have to eat it every day, but I need it in the house.

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