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Hello Peoples! It’s early! That’s right, it’s still dark outside. The only sound is the occasional traffic driving by. I have the windows open and the early morning air is so cool. I love these autumn temperatures. October is almost here. I love October! The leaves changing colors, the cool temps, the wooly sweaters, football, crackling fires, hot chocolate, pumpkins~ nothing like it.

“I am so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” ~ Anne of Green Gables

I read three really really good books this month and all three are my favorites! They are listed in no particular order. Well, here they are ~


Dawn of the Morning by Grace Livingston Hill


The Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer


Frederica by Georgette Heyer

I HIGHLY recommend all three books.

This month I decided to order a pair of flannel jeans from L. L. Bean. It can be so cold up here on the North Pole. *haha* I decided to go for it and order the jeans. I ordered through the mail and when I filled out the order form I misunderstood the size. When I filled out the size, I thought they were asking for my inseam. They weren’t. I need to say, I am not very big, so it’s good when the nice person at Bean saw the size I entered, in the space provided and she decided to call. I was napping when she called. Rick took the call and spoke with nice person. Rick and nice person got quite a chuckle out of the size I entered. Basically a hippopotamus could have worn the jeans I ordered. Well, maybe a baby hippopotamus.😁 Rick told them my correct size, they chuckled. Of course, when I awoke from my nap Rick teased me. 🙄

The jeans did arrive safely. I noticed on the package, the jeans weigh 3 pounds!!! I will be wearing 3 pounds of jeans this winter??? I like the flannel lining. It’s blue plaid. Nice. But, 3 pounds!!!

Your favorites at the cottage in September ~

September 15, 2021 ~ Happy Birthday Agatha Christie!

September 14, 2021 ~ Top Ten Tuesday ~ Books With Numbers In the Titles

September 5, 2021 ~ The Classics Club ~ Dawn of Morning by Grace Livingston Hill

Rick and I have been watching the classic tv show Murder, She Wrote. I am happy to say, we have watched the first seven seasons! They are all good, but we do have our favorites. Highly recommend!

Harry McGraw (Jerry Orbach) Sheriff Metzger (Ron Masak) Jessica Fletcher (Angela Lansbury)

O! The sun is coming up. Must go! Have a great day everyone!

Much love ~


16 thoughts on “Ramblings ~

  1. I’ve always loved that quote from Anne of Green Gables! October is a nice month. Those flannel lined jeans sound like a good idea. I have thought of them myself. I hope they keep you warm and toasty in the coming cold months!

  2. Oh, my! But the jeans sound great!

    Wonderful memories the three books you mentioned evoked. The only books my Mom let us read were Grace Livingston Hill and Georgette Heyer. One of my younger sisters got me a Georgette Heyer book for Christmas last year.

    I enjoy the coolness of Autumn. I often wish for year-round temperatures in the low 80’s, high 70’s. I really can’t complain, though, because our winters aren’t too bad.


  3. Flannel lining jeans sound so incredibly comfortable! 3 pounds sounds a bit heavy for jeans, but I feel like they would be so lovely on a cold winter’s day.

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