Monthly Musings ~ October

Hello Peoples! It’s 45 degrees this fine morning. The high today is 55! Not bad. I can do 55 degrees.πŸ™‚

Sarah at Sunshine and Books has a fun activity I thought I would participate in this morning. If you would like to connect with Sarah, just click on the link below and you will find her there. She has a great blog. Her blog always makes me smile! So, hop, skip or jump on over to Sunshine and Books. She links up with Holly and Patty to answer these seasonal questions. Have fun!

Fall Fun and Traditions ~

~ What are your favorite Halloween traditions?

I’m not much of a Halloween person, so, I don’t really have many Halloween traditions. We do hand out candy every year, but that’s it. This year we did watch, The Wizard of Oz (1939). I didn’t remember this movie was so funny. I laughed so hard while I watched it. What fun!

~ Favorite Fall Activities?

I decorate for Fall every year and I enjoy it. We watch the Charlie Brown Halloween and Thanksgiving movies. I especially enjoy Snoopy.

We watch football. I’ve been watching the Dallas Cowboys this season and they are doing well. And! I love going for walks in the autumn. It’s so crisp and fresh outside. The leaves are changing color and so many are falling or on the ground. Many homes are decorated with pumpkins. It’s a great season.

~ Favorite Fall Recipe?

SOUP! Any soup! I made veggie soup yesterday. I make homemade bread and biscuits And! baked mac and cheese! Yummy! I don’t make pumpkin bread, but I do enjoy the pumpkin chocolate chip bread the bakery makes.

~ Favorite Beverage Makes You Think of Fall?

Apple cider! And! I always think of hot chocolate.😁

~ Favorite Fall Fashion Staples?


~ Do you decorate for fall, Halloween or both?

I definitely decorate for fall. I like all the orange pumpkins. I also have autumn scented candles. I decorate our dining room table for autumn.

~ Bonfire? Corm Maze? Hayride?

Oh yes! A bonfire! I enjoy a nice, crackling fire outside in the fresh air!

~ Apple Pie or Apple Cider?

Apple Pie all the way!

~ Favorite type of apple?

I like all apples! If they are crisp and juicy when I bite into it, I like it.

~ What are your Thanksgiving traditions?

I cook a Thanksgiving meal with a turkey and all the trimmings. We watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV and we watch football!

The day after Thanksgiving I start breaking out the Christmas decorations and movies.

Much love ~


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