November ~

Hello Peoples! November charged by quickly! I think my head is spinning from the speed of the month and I feel a breeze as it zooms by, then screeching to a halt.😲

Books I’ve Read In November ~


I was disappointed in The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise by Dan Gemeinhart. I liked Coyote and her dad, and they certainly had quite an adventure, the book had so much potential, but it fell short.

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I highly recommend Lost In Darkness by Michelle Griep. I will be reading more of this author in the future.

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Highly recommend The VanDerBeekers Make a Wish by Karina Yan Glaser! Great middle grade book!

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The Solid Grounds Coffee Company by Carla Laureano is a little different from what I normally read. I did like it. The story starts in Colombia, South America. That was an interesting difference. I don’t drink coffee, but I learned a lot about the coffee business. I didn’t realize this was the third book in a series. I knew it was part of a series though. I plan to read the remaining two books in 2022.


The Seaside Cafe Mysteries by Bree Baker are fun mysteries. I recommend you read them in order. Enjoy!

I was certainly busy reading in November. It didn’t seem like it at all.πŸ“š

Your Favorites At the Cottage In November ~

November 18, 2021 ~ We Found One!

November 8, 2021 ~ The VanDerBeekers Make a Wish by Karina Yan Glaser

November 14, 2021 ~ A “Pride and Prejudice” Book Tag

The Theft of the Royal Ruby (1991) is a fun Christmas mystery. I do believe it is aka The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding. A ruby is stolen from the Prince of Egypt. He’s a horrible young man. He hires Poirot to locate the ruby and the thief. Poor Poirot. He would like to spend Christmas alone with his comforts and chocolate. Sounds like a good Christmas to me.πŸ˜πŸŽ„ Well, that is not to be. He finds himself in the home of a fun, lovable family, and soon finds the missing ruby and the nefarious thief. What a pleasant, enjoyable Christmas. Highly recommend.

Much love ~


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