24 Hour Trip ~

Hello Peoples! Monday Rick said to me, “Pack your overnight bag, we’re going on an adventure!”

I said, “We are?” I tend to be profound in my responses.😉

So, we packed a bag, piled ourselves in our vehicle and off we went. When Rick got on the interstate heading west, I had a pretty good idea where we were going. Christmas At the Capitol!


I’d been wanting to go for a few years, but we were never able to venture in that direction because of snow and ice on the roads. Well! This year the roads are clear and the weather is fine, so, we hit the road. We could drive to the capitol and home again in a day, however, we decided to spend the night in the capitol city so we wouldn’t exhaust ourselves. When we arrived, we checked into our room and then went to find food. We ate at Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant. I had cheese enchiladas, rice and beans and I need to say, those were the best cheese enchiladas I’ve ever had! Rick had beef enchilada, taco, rice and beans. I highly recommend this restaurant.

Of course, the capitol is beautiful right now. The trees and the lights are amazing. After we finished at the capitol building, we drove home. We stopped at a cowboy restaurant and had lunch. I had a grilled cheese sandwich, fries and apple pie. Rick had burger and fries. It was great.

It was a nice getaway. Today we are putting up our Christmas tree.

Much love ~


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