Looking For The King by David C. Downing

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On the brink of World War II, Tom McCord is writing a book about King Arthur. He has traveled to England researching the historical evidence. There he meets Laura Hartman. The two decide to work together and soon learn someone is following them and their quest for historical evidence might just be dangerous.

I liked this book. In the beginning, I didn’t really like Laura, I thought she was rude, however, as the story progresses, she grew on me, and I thought she was an interesting character. When the Inklings entered the story, it was very entertaining. They were certainly a jovial bunch. The description of Lewis was delightful.

I enjoyed traveling alongside Tom and Laura in their quest!

It is a work of fiction, but I thought it was historically accurate. I’m certainly not an expert on King Arthur but everything in the book seemed fine to me. Highly recommend!

Happy Reading!

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