End of Month Blabbering’s ~

Hello Peoples! The end of February brought very cold temperatures! ⛄ And! Below zero wind chills. Brrr. However, I had plenty of hot tea and chocolate, a toasty fire, books to read and movies to watch. I watched Kate & Leopold (2001), Sleepless In Seattle (1993), You’ve Got Mail (1998), and Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948). Today I will watch, While You Were Sleeping (1995). Right now, it’s -2! It feels like -18! 😮 Snow showers are expected.

Kate & Leopold (2001) Hugh Jackman and Meg Ryan

I hope you’re February has been warm and comfy. 🤗

Favorite Book In February ~

A Sicilian Romance by Ann Radcliffe

Did you have a favorite read in February? Please, share in the comments below.

Your Favorites at the Cottage in February ~

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February 12, 2022 ~ 12 Most Famous Paintings Of All Time

Today I’m Reading ~

The Pale Horse by Agatha Christie

Rick was in an automobile accident this month. I am so thankful he wasn’t hurt, not even a bruise. However, our car was crunched. The body shop has a waiting list for body work. We are scheduled to have our car repaired in March! Our car runs perfect. There wasn’t any damage to the engine. Our poor vehicle looks crunched though. The police didn’t ticket anyone because ice on the road was responsible. 🚗

I know, I’m posting this a few days early. 😁 Have a great day!

Much love ~


5 thoughts on “End of Month Blabbering’s ~

  1. Wow! That is a long wait to have your car repaired. Glad Rick was okay and the car is driveable.

    You have been watching some great movies! I don’t think I’ve seen Kate & Leopold.

    I think my favorite read in February was A Rogue’s Company by Allison Montclair.

    Happy Reading!

  2. But Knot for Me by Betty Hechtman and The Case of the Canterfell Codicil by PJ Fitzsimmons were my favorite reads this month. But Knot For Me was my first “yarn cozy” and I’m definitley hooked now! The Case of the Canterfell Codicil was a great historical cozy, equal parts Christie, Wodehouse and pure farce.

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