The Classics Club ~ A Sicilian Romance by Ann Radcliffe


Upon my word! This is a story of perseverance. Julia, our damsel in distress, finds herself in a difficult, no intolerable situation and flees. She does have friends who assist her in her flight. Evil pursues her. She does persevere and, in the end, she is victorious! I think that might be the point in the story. And! Evil will pay the price. The author certainly knows how to describe pure good and completely evil! Julia, swooned several times, but she also faced horror and as a result toughened up some. Her brother Ferdinand and the man she loves, Hippolitus, tried relentlessly to defend her with the sword if necessary.

The author certainly takes the reader on a Gothic romance adventure/journey! There is a castle, owned by an evil marquis with ghostly sounds and unexplainable lights. The reader is Julia’s companion as she makes her way through labyrinth tunnels, vaults, dark nights, storms and dark passages in monasteries. Her stories are always so atmospheric, and I really enjoy them. She is one of my favorite classic authors.

I’ve read, The Mysteries of Udolpho, The Romance of the Forest, The Italian and now A Sicilian Romance and I enjoyed all of them. I highly recommend!

Happy Reading!

Top 5 Tuesday! Top 5 Books That Have Been On My TBR Forever . . . (Oldest Books On My TBR)

Hello Peoples! I’ve been watching the Olympics! GO USA!!! Our home is sorely neglected. 😉 Yesterday I picked up the second book, I ordered, from inter-library loan. So, I will be reading. Today I am participating in Top 5 Tuesday! That’s right ~ 5! I discovered Top 5 Tuesday at Books Less Traveled! Are you following her blog??? Mmmm.🧐 You should.🙂📚 The link is below. The Bionic Book Worm created Top 5 Tuedsday. However, it’s hosted by Meeghan Reads!

Here we go ~


The Golden Key by George MacDonald ~ A boy and a girl find a keyhole which fits the rainbow’s golden key. ~ goodreads

Mmm. That sounds fun. I’ve read several books by this author, and I really like him. He’s one of my favorite classic authors.


Bilbo’s Last Song by J. R. R. Tolkien ~ Bilbo is on his voyage to the Undying Lands. He says good-bye to Middle Earth. It sounds touching and sad.


Spring Muslin by Georgette Heyer ~ Another favorite author. Sir Gareth Ludlow finds a wandering lady and unattended. Mmmm.


Dark Ambitions by Irene Hannon ~ I am anticipating another great suspense!

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Stone and Sunset by Sibella Giorello ~ I love the Raleigh Harmon Mysteries! I don’t know why I haven’t read this one. I need to get to it! This is a young Raleigh Harmon Mystery. Raleigh tries to help her best friend Drew when tragedy strikes!

Happy Reading! Stay warm and cozy! The temperatures are warmer here, so I will be walking again today!

Much love ~


Britfield & The Lost Crown by C.R. Stewart

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Weatherly Orphanage is a horrible place! Sadly, Tom has spent most of his young life living in the orphanage’s dreadful conditions. He remembers very little of his life before the orphanage. One day he learns his parents are still alive. Wanting to find his family, Tom and his best friend Sarah escape the orphanage. What an adventure! Immediately after their escape, Sarah and Tom discover they have a detective closely behind them, trying to catch them. Tom and Sarah just can’t return to the orphanage because of the horrific conditions. Along with Sarah and Tom, the reader is certainly on a grand adventure. There’s a hot air balloon ride and an incredible journey from Oxford to Windsor Castle and London. Then on to Canterbury. They have new friends along the way, who help them out. There seems to be enemies lurking around every corner. They are certainly determined, full of courage, and loyal. There are questions, clues and surprises along the way. The story kept me on the edge of my seat and the pages turning!

Middle Grade book!

Happy Reading!

Mr. Parker Pyne, Detective by Agatha Christie

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Parker Pyne is retired. For many years, he worked in a government office compiling statistics. Mmm?🧐 After retirement, he started his own business and posted an advertisement in the newspaper’s personal column.


Parker Pyne does have, what appears to be, a steady stream of clients who consult with him and hire him to think of a solution to their particular problem. This book is a collection of short stories telling of the people who come to Mr. Pyne and the steps he takes to help his clients to become happy.

Loved it! What a great collection of fun puzzling adventures! And! Ariadne Oliver is mentioned in a few of these short stories! This was the second time I’ve read this book and I loved it. Highly recommend!

Happy Reading!

Cards On the Table by Agatha Christie


Mr. Shaitana has invited eight unique individuals to his home for bridge. I don’t play bridge myself but after reading this mystery I would like to learn. Four, that’s right four of Agatha Christie’s sleuths are in this puzzle of a book; Ariadne Oliver, Hercule Poirot, Superintendent Battle and Colonel Race. What more could a reader possibly want??? And I need to say, I love Ariadne Oliver. I want her to live next door to me. She is awesome! During the course of the evening, Mr. Shaitana is discovered dead! That’s right, there is a murder! And! If there is murder, there is a murderer!

I enjoyed it! It was a great puzzle. During the investigation, Poirot focuses on what the suspects noticed in Mr. Shaitana’s home and the bridge scores. Perhaps a little unorthodox, but it works for Poirot. I might say, the suspects are Major Despard, Mrs. Lorrimer, Anne Meredith and Dr. Roberts.

All four sleuths share their part in the investigation, but Poirot solves the mystery! It was the second time I have read this book. If you watch the movie with David Suchet, there are changes. I highly recommend the book!

Happy Reading!

Cards On the Table (2006)

David Suchet Zoe Wanamaker