Elephants Can Remember by Agatha Christie

Ariadne Oliver is attending a literary event when she meets the odious Mrs. Burton-Cox. The unpleasant woman strikes up a conversation with Ariadne. During the course of their interaction Mrs. Burton-Cox informs Ariadne, her son Desmond is about to marry Ariadne’s goddaughter Celia Ravenscroft. When Celia was a young girl, her parents died in what appeared to be either a murder/suicide or two suicides. Mrs. Burton-Cox would like to know what happened to Celia’s parents. Mrs. Oliver was on a book signing tour in America when the tragedy happened and has no idea what the truth is. Ariadne contacts her long-time friend Hercule Poirot for help.

Mrs. Oliver did some good sleuthing in this mystery. It was a cold case and there was a considerable amount of gossip and conjecture about the tragic incident. There was hearsay to sift through, but it was an interesting case. The Inspector who investigated the incident, at the time, was never able to determine what was what. Of course, Poirot has connections and between him and Ariadne the truth is discovered. A sad and tragic case.

According to my records I read this book in 2012, so, it’s been a while. Elephants Can Remember is the last of the Ariadne Oliver books. I read them all and enjoyed all of them. I think it’s fun to read them in order.

Happy Reading!

2 thoughts on “Elephants Can Remember by Agatha Christie

  1. This is my first time reading through the Hercule Poirot books. I didn’t realize Ariadne Oliver appeared in more than one book. This sounds like another good mystery!

    • I believe she appeared in 8 mysteries. Mr. Parker Pyne, Detective, Cards On the Table, Mrs. McGinty’s Dead, Dead Man’s Folly, The Pale Horse, Third Girl, Hallowe’en Party and Elephants Can Remember. Parker Pyne is a collection of short stories.

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