Hello Peoples! This morning I was at the hospital while medical people did a procedure on me. It went well and the nurse who inserted the IV, was wonderful! After we were finished, Rick and I went to a local restaurant for breakfast. Rick ate breakfast before we went to the hospital, but because of the procedure, I was empty. Rick had a cinnamon roll and coffee. I had eggs benedict, potatoes and hot tea. When we were finished eating, the waiter informed us, someone paid for our meal! Rick and I were rendered speechless! What an incredible blessing and a huge thank-you to the person who paid. WOW!

Much love ~



All In April ~

Hello Peoples! I have been going through several medical tests and treatments recently. The results have returned to us and everything the medical peoples have discovered is easily cured. I am very thankful for that. I have a test in the morning that requires an IV. ๐Ÿค’ I do NOT like IV’s at all. I shudder to think of it.

Your Favorites At The Cottage ~

April 15, 2022 ~ The Classics Club, The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

April 25, 2022 ~ The Classics Club, Beauvallet by Georgette Heyer

April 16, 2022 ~ The Classics Club, Dandelion Wine by Raymond Bradbury

April 18, 2022 ~ Mid-Month Blabberings

Currently Reading ~

The Maid by Nita Prose

Our female protagonist in The Maid is an interesting lady. I think she has Asperger’s. I’m not sure because the book doesn’t say, at least not so far. I googled Asperger’s and it seems like that’s it though. I’m not finished with the book, but I do plan to write a review soon.

It’s still chilly here on the Artic Tundra! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I wear a jacket, scarf and gloves when I go anywhere, but it will warm up one day. I just don’t know when??? ๐Ÿคจ

Much Love ~


Top Five Tuesday! Five Books About A Death ~

Hello Peoples! It’s time, once again, for Top Five Tuesday! This week’s topic, five books about death. Shana at Bionic Book Worm created Top Five Tuesday, however, it is being hosted by Meeghan now. The link to her blog is below ~


OnWaRd ~

Once Upon A Wardrobe by Patti Callahan is a wonderful story. I loved it, but, sadly it does have a death. Highly recommend this story.

Lost In Darkness by Michelle Griep is another favorite, however, it does end in death. A tragedy to be sure, but I highly recommend this book.

Savannah by Eugenia Price is a story of a family in the south. Unfortunately, there is an untimely death. Recommend!

The VANDERBEEKERS loose a dear friend and neighbor in The VanDerBeekers Lost and Found by Karina Yan Glaser. Highly recommend this series!

Oh my! Why oh why am I including The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo??? A terrible terrible tragic death in this classic read. That is all.

There you have it. Have a great day. Stay cozy. Happy Reading!

Much love ~


The Classics Club ~ Beauvallet by Georgette Heyer

Loved it! Nicholas Beauvallet, that notorious British pirate! That ruffian of the brine! That roguish scoundrel! But! What is this? Beauvallet has fallen in love with Dona Dominica, a Spanish senorita! She is a stick of dynamite. And so, the adventure begins. After he captures the ship her and her father are sailing on, he promises to drop them off on the coast of Spain and return within the year to woo and wed her. Beauvallet is a wanted man in Spain! He has a LOT of nerve! Well, not only does he return to Spain, but he also journeys right into Madrid to claim his lady fair! What bravado! Nicholas, Dominica and Beauvallet’s most trusted servant and friend, Joshua, certainly have a grand adventure!

It’s seafaring adventure, romance, swashbuckling sword fights, a chase across Spain on horseback, a lady, and Nicholas Beauvallet! What more could a reader want??? Highly recommend!



It’s Morning ~

Hello Peoples! It has been windy here! Yesterday, I walked to a cafe early in the morning and there was very little wind, but when I returned home, it was crazy windy. Anything that wasn’t anchored down or brought into a building was blown away!

Rick and I saw Cyrano (2021). Rick liked it. He thought it was worth seeing and a good movie. He said, Roxanne was flighty. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have mixed feelings about it. Have you seen Cyrano? What are your thoughts?

Currently Reading ~

Beauvallet by Georgette Heyer

Have a great Sunday!

Much love ~


Top Five Tuesday! Books About A Wedding ~

Hello Peoples! This week Top Five Tuesday is books about a wedding! Amour. Sigh. So! Let’s get to it. To learn more about Top Five Tuesday, prance on over to Meeghan’s blog! The link is below.


Top Five Tuesday was created by Shanah at the Bionic Bookworm! Meeghan hosts it now.

Cynthia Coopersmith and Timothy Kavanagh marry in A Common Life by Jan Karon! If you haven’t read the Mitford series, please do. Read the books in order.๐Ÿค—

Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe start their lives as husband and wife in this lovely wedding story! Anne’s House of Dreams by L. M. Montgomery

Wedding bells are sounding for Ben Garrison and Marci Webb in Pelican Point by Irene Hannon. Another wonderful series to read in order.

Valancy Stirling finds everlasting love in this lovely romance, The Blue Castle L. M. Montgomery.

As my neighbor was known to say, never in all my born days.! Miss Julia Throws A Wedding by Ann B. Ross. This book left me laughing out loud! Enjoy!

There you have it. Enjoy your day. Happy Reading!

Much love ~


Mid~Month Blabberings!

Hello Peoples! I am cold! Very cold! Very very cold! Did I happen to mention I am cold??? Where is spring??? Where is the sun??? Where is the heat???โ˜€ It was a great Sunday though. It did snow here Sunday morning. We had a Sunday brunch catered for us. It was so good. We had quiche, scones, hot cross buns, yogurt, fruit and granola Yummy!

I Didth Read In April ~

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradford

Of Fire and Ash by Gillian Bronte Adams

Currently Reading ~

The Confession by Charles Todd ~ An Ian Rutledge Mystery

Rick and I discovered a new pizza joint nearby. Papa Woody’s Pizza!!!! Yay! We ordered a pizza to go and savored it at home. It was a veggie lover’s pizza and had everything but mushrooms. I don’t care for mushrooms. We also discovered a new cookie baker! Mary’s Cookies. She makes great oatmeal raisin cookies and a cookie she calls panda. It’s a chocolate cookie, half the cookie is frosted with vanilla frosting. Yummy!

When the weather is warmer, which isn’t often, I go for walks. I noticed the first flowers, daffodils, in bloom yesterday. YAY!

And! Best news ever, we met friends for breakfast last week. It was so good to see them. It had been a while.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Much Love ~


The Classics Club ~ Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury

I went into this story knowing I would love it. I read the blurb on the back of the book and was certain the book was for me. Well, I was wrong. I couldn’t connect with the story at all or any of the characters. It was profoundly disappointing. However, if I was to describe the book in one word, that word would be nostalgia.

It’s the summer of 1928.

Douglas Spalding is our twelve-year-old male protagonist. He’s a great kid. His younger brother Tom is ten years old. Dandelion Wine is the story of one summer in the life of Douglas and Tom. It’s about family, community, happiness machines, new sneakers, fireflies, Grandma’s good food, yes, it’s about hot summer days and warm summer nights. And! When I read the chapter about The Lonely One, I was sitting on the edge of my seat holding my breath. At the end of the chapter, I thought, where is Hitchcock when we need him??? And! Of course, there is dandelion wine. I don’t know. I guess it was not the book for me. I don’t want to discourage anyone from reading it. You might love the story! So, read it. Let me know what you think.


The Classics Club ~ The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

Esther Greenwood is a woman who is apparently attractive, she did some modeling, and she is incredibly intelligent! This story is about Esther’s experience with mental illness. Esther is an interesting character and likable. She also seemed pleasant to me and surprisingly relatable. When she made a bad decision, I did hold my breath and cringe.

The book is well written, moves along at a good pace and the reader has a clear picture of what happens to Esther. I was appalled at the treatment she received. I had heard of electric shock treatments and insulin injections to treat mental illness, but it was still shocking to read about them being administered to a character in a book! Esther hated the shock treatments. I personally didn’t think she had the support she needed among her friends and the community at large. She seemed alone quite a bit.

When I started reading, I didn’t know if I was going to like the book, but I did like it! I recommend this book for adults only.