Saturday Morning at the Cafe ~ 25th

Hello Peoples! Yesterday I walked slowly, very slowly to the cafe. I was tired. But, I walked to the cafe. I think I should have stayed home and slept. When I arrived at the cafe the same gentleman who took my order last week, was working this week. Our conversation is below ~

Me: Hi. How are you? You were here last week when I came to the cafe.

Him: Hi. Yes, I was. We talked about books. You recommended an author to me. I think he wrote Pinocchio.

~ I almost laughed. ~

Me: Tarzan. I recommended Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Him: Oh. Ok. I’m reading a historical fiction right now.

Where did he get Pinocchio??????? LOL! I’ve never read Pinocchio!!! I think I need to write a short list of authors for this guy at the cafe.

Much love ~


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