Evil In Emerald by A. M. Stuart

A Harriet Gordon Mystery #3

This was a good mystery. Harriet Gordon joins a local theatrical group who are preforming Pirates of Penzance. There is tension in this group and secrets. Unexpectedly one of the cast members is murdered! Inspector Robert Curran is investigating the death of the cast member. There are plenty of suspects. Curran’s life is becoming complicated when a mysterious man arrives on his doorstep, claiming he has important information Curran needs. Someone Curran depends on gives him a troubling announcement, so his life is intricately involved, at this time. When a second person is murdered, Curran and Harriet work together to try to discover the identity of the killer.

I really like this series. It’s set in Singapore (1910) and I think it’s an intriguing series. Harriet is a strong, female protagonist. She helps her brother at the school and types up notes for the Inspector at the police station. She is one of the very few who have accepted and consider Li An a friend. She has been a friend to Li An for a while. Curran is a good investigator and a great friend to Harriet and her brother. I like Curran.

As I read the story, and considered suspects, I took my time. This book has more than one mystery, so there is a lot to sift through. As I read, the clues were there, and I did solve the murderous crime. YAY! The ending of the book, without a doubt, left me wanting to read the next mystery in the series. Highly Recommend! A difficult book to put down.

Happy Reading!

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