Saturday Morning At The Bakery ~ 7/16/2022

Hello Peoples! It is a nice cool day. The high is 80 degrees! So, I decided to go to the bakery and read for a couple of hours. The bakery was busy, but most customers were taking their treats to go. Well, when I arrived and put my book and other items on the table I would be using, I walked up to the treats and realized I forgot my money! Who does that??? Who forgets their money??? I knew Rick was nearby, so, I sent him a quick text asking him to bring me money. He did. My hero! šŸ˜šŸ˜‰

When I finished reading, it’s such a nice morning, I decided to walk home, but it started to rain, so, I got a ride. šŸš—

Yesterday afternoon these burly concrete men came by our house and took out our front steps. We are having new concrete poured in our carport and the crumbling steps had to go. And! They are gone. they were quick about it too! Rick and I went out for dinner and when we returned the steps to the front door were gone, vanished, disappeared! šŸ˜² There was a small area of siding on our house that needed repairing, so Rick donned his tool belt and did the repair job whist I was at the bakery.

I broke the frames on my glasses a few days ago. I bought new frames. I am thankful they had frames exactly like the frames I broke. My lenses fit right into the new frames perfectly.

And the great news! I have one pill left of my medication and I am feeling so much better. It’s been a long time coming, but I am so incredibly thankful! And! Thank-you for all your prayers, continued prayers and get well wishes. I really appreciate every one of them! ā¤ā¤ā¤

Much love ~



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