Red Vespa~

Hello Peoples! It’s 69 degrees this morning. Nice. Sadly, the high today is 91! I was hoping it would be a tad cooler than 91. I am up for it though. Bring it on! ⛱☀

Yesterday I just happen to be standing in our front room that faces the street, when a girl on a bright, red Vespa scooter drove by. Her hair was dyed red to match the color of her Vespa! How fun!

Currently Reading ~

Not My First Rodea by Governor Kristi Noem

Lessons From the Heartland

Governor Noem’s book is good. It’s really holding my attention. It’s not really a book about politics, although as Governor of South Dakota, politics is mentioned. She writes about growing up in South Dakota on her family’s ranch. I haven’t finished reading it yet!

Much Love ~



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