In The Summer Time ~

Hello Peoples! Rick and I woke this morning to a beautiful day and decided to visit the zoo. We go to the zoo once every summer. Our city has a small zoo, but it’s nice and we like it. Something different always happens at the zoo. The bears 🐻got into a tussle. They really roared! 🐻 I think it was sibling rivalry. I do. The bears are brother and sister. When we arrived at the rhino🦏 home, he had a devious expression in his eyes. Mmm. The one New Guinea singing dog sang for us. 🎵 We passed a grandmother and her granddaughter. I think the girl was twelve years old. They had a brief conversation when we were standing next to them. It follows ~

Grandmother walking slowly: Remember! Old person!

Granddaughter nods and keeps moving.

Personally, I didn’t think Grandma was all that old.

We had the concrete replaced in our carport. What a job! Oh my. First a concrete guy came with a jack hammer and demolished the old concrete. The same guy put our carport on supports. We don’t want the carport collapsing. Then came a truck and hauled away the broken-up concrete. Then concrete guy worked on the dirt that was under the concrete. I don’t know everything he did. I was experiencing a tad of anxiety during the entire process, so I tried to escape. Then came the cement truck and poured new cement. The two concrete guys smoothed and smoothed and smoothed and smoothed out the new concrete. This went on for a long time. Then it cures. That’s right, concrete cures. The new concrete sat for a few days and now the concrete guys have returned. I don’t think it will take much longer to finish. Whew. I hope not. It’s been real! 😲

Much Love ~



6 thoughts on “In The Summer Time ~

  1. I’d like to visit the zoo but it’s too hot right now where I live. It reached 99° today!! 🥵 I’m glad you saw some animals doing cool things. 🙂

    I hope your concrete gets finished soon, Kathy.

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